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Building monitoring

Strainstall is a world leader in the provision of comprehensive of structural health monitoring solutions for buildings.

We have decades of experience in the structural health monitoring market and have installed bespoke monitoring systems on many high profile buildings across the world including the Bank of England printing works and the Burj Khalifa.

We can provide short-term monitoring solutions to assess the influences of vibrations from machinery and people on a building, as well as long-term structural health monitoring systems that measure a range of parameters and record data to assess building behaviour.

Our highly experienced team of structural engineers are active in designing and installing complete monitoring systems that meet the need of any application.


Strainstall’s BuildingWatch™ can be integrated into any structure or building for monitoring key parameters under real environmental conditions.

BuildingWatch™ provides real-time, remote structural monitoring with alerts to potential structural failure. Incorporating a range of intelligent sensors, data acquisition equipment and Strainstall’s Smart Asset Management (SAM)™ software, this intelligent system can quickly adapt to suit your monitoring needs, taking account of changing environmental conditions and load distributions for example.