Strainstall bondura® load pin

The revolutionary Strainstall-bondura® load pin eliminates play and ovality during operation, simultaneously providing intelligence and wireless capabilities.

While a certain amount of tolerance is required during the installation and extraction of a load pin, this often leads to issues during operation as it allows the pin to move during its lifetime cycle as a result of heavy loads and vibrations.

This movement causes ovality, which though repairable, is costly and often results in operational down time.
The Strainstall-bondura® is designed to overcome such wear and tear. Innovative cone sleeves, with corresponding tapering, expand on the pin upon tightening with an agreed torque value, securely fixing the load pin while still allowing for the required tolerance for installation and extraction.

The Strainstall-bondura® load pin eliminates play during operation, while still providing an accurate means of load monitoring.

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bondura load pins.png

• Unique load pin design eliminates tolerance during the operational
• Long term, six months plus data logging available
• Cabled mV/V or 4-20mA outputs available
• Wireless SmartLoad® variant available
• Strainstall-bondura® load pins are DNV GL type approved and have ABS PDA certification
• The SmartLoad® wireless devices are all available in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area variants with ATEx. IECEx and North American/Canadian Hazloc certification.

• Eliminate play and ovality, reducing lifetime maintenance costs
• Notification if the pin needs replacing
• Extended battery life of over six months
• Reduces NPT