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Towing load monitoring

Strainstall's towing load monitoring systems are designed to give vessel masters a direct reading of tension in a towing hawser.

The quick release mechanism incorporated into Strainstall’s towing load monitoring systems allows the towing line to be instantly released under full load. This ensures the safety of the tug and personnel by absorbing the energy in the rope due to tension, eliminating shocks and vibration.

Strainstall's 3 typical towing load monitoring configurations:

  • Single channel system: With the load pin incorporated into a swivel joint of a tugboat quick release mooring hook.
  • Double drum winch system: With both outputs leading to a single display unit, with a switch to select the desired measurement channel.
  • Marine towing winch system: With the load measured by load cells in the brakestay or under the bed of the winch.

An alarm display/warning unit can be set with overload thresholds to suit the gauge of rope or wire being used for the towing operation. We can also supply remote control systems with either a hydraulic or pneumatic release mechanism.

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