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Strainstall has extensive experience monitoring high-critical assets in the marine and shipping industries, reviewing performance and improving operational safety and efficiency.

Experts in load measurement, Strainstall undertakes all types of stress analysis and design verification work on vessels and marine structures, as well as providing safety systems to jetties and harbours that monitor vessel approach and mooring line tensions.

Specialising in the provision of bespoke load measurement solutions, tailored to meet the exact requirements of our customers, we strive to continually develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of the modern marine and shipping industries.

From intelligent fenders that provide clarity on the impact forces exerted during vessel push-on operations, vessel motion monitoring that delivers accurate motion data for an objective assessment of offshore conditions, to mooring load systems that provide real-time data on mooring load tensions for all types of vessels.

Strainstall is also the world leader in hull stress monitoring solutions, having delivered over 300 systems worldwide. StressAlert™ is proven to enhance vessel safety and ensure the on-going integrity of the hull structure.

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