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Oil and gas

Strainstall supports the oil and gas industry’s challenging exploration, production and decommissioning work by delivering world-class monitoring products and solutions. 

Monitoring the effects of load, stress and fatigue on equipment and facilities such as floating storage vessels (FPSOs) and liquefied gas storage tanks, our specialist systems help to protect high-value assets.

Providing client-specific solutions, from stand-alone products to comprehensive, remote data acquisition systems, we offer maximum flexibility and accessibility.

Demonstrating our effective, global customer support, we installed a Chain Tension Monitoring System™ for the FPSO Cidade de Anchieta, off the Brazilian Espírito Santo coast, to provide real-time mooring load information to operators.

We also provide tailored solutions to the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry - read how we examine the load and stress monitoring equipment available for the LNG industry, as well as benefits and applications in both existing and future facilities.

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