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Strainstall supports Marine Power Systems’ WaveSub™

Strainstall supports Marine Power Systems' (MPS) WaveSub during monitoring system design phase.

Strainstall install sensors on innovative offshore wind turbine foundation

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute and partners Strainstall, install sensors on innovative new offshore wind turbine foundation.

BridgeWatch® makes critical structure monitoring affordable

BridgeWatch® modular makes critical structure monitoring affordable

VMMS™ supplied to the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme

Strainstall supplies its Vessel Motion Monitoring System (VMMS) for the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme

Strainstall's new container weighing system

Currently used at a number of key UK Ports, Strainstall's CWS is being considered for integration throughout Europe, Chile, the USA and Canada.

Assisting the safe transfer of personnel

Strainstall launch the Eco-Fender™ range and the Vessel Motion Monitoring System™ in conjunction with Maritime International and Fendercare Marine.

Strainstall provides load measurement solution for stream generator

Strainstall provides load measurement technology to support the commissioning and initial testing of a 100ft high tidal stream generator.

Strainstall and Fendercare exhibit in Korea

Strainstall and Fendercare showcasing at the world’s premier natural gas conference and exhibition.

Strainstall publish container weight verification white paper

Strainstall provides key technology insight into shipping container weight verification.

Strainstall introduce new chain monitoring system

Strainstall has launched a new system for monitoring the tension in chains used in industrial conveyor belts.