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Strainstall load shackles in use at the Sustainable Marine Energy PLAT-I tidal energy platform installation

Strainstall has recently been selected to provide two of its precision engineered, highly accurate load shackles to help inform and increase the survivability and reliability of a floating tidal energy converter (TEC) platform for marine engineering company, Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd (SME).

Market trends after SOLAS VGM

In the final video in this series for Port Technology, Simon Everett speaks about how market trends have changed and developed since the introduction of the SOLAS regulations. 

SOLAS information every shipper should know

In the latest interview with Port Technology, managing director Simon Everett discusses the challenges faced by the industry after implementation of the SOLAS VGM regulations as well as the factors ports need to consider when choosing a terminal operating system (TOS) that is SOLAS compliant.

Container weighing insight: Why smart terminals use container weighing systems

Managing director, Simon Everett, talks to Port Technology about the versatility of Strainstall container weighing systems (CWS) and the various options available to terminals for fitting a system to ensure compliance one year on from the introduction of new SOLAS VGM rules.


Container weighing insight: Compliance doubts 

In a recent PTI video interview, Simon Everett discusses how, one year on from the new SOLAS VGM rules being established, some countries are still failing to implement the IMO regulation properly


Strainstall's bi-directional static load test (BDSLT)

Learn more about our innovative pile testing method that is proven to deliver safer, faster, highly accurate and cost-effective results.


Strainstall's award winning Container Weight System™

Strainstall's managing director, Simon Everett, tells Port Technology what products his company offers and how they can help ports and terminals.


Container Weighing: How can ports and terminals react?

Simon Everett, managing director of Strainstall, speaks to Port Technology regarding the latest on the enforcement of the container weighing rule and what ports and terminals can do in preparation for July, 1, 2016.



Container weighing insight: How will nations react?

PTI interviews Simon Everett of Strainstall in an advanced interview exploring the unanswered questions surrounding container weighing.


Container weighing explained

Port Technology interview Strainstall managing director, Simon Everett, on the new container weight verification rules, set to come into action worldwide from July, 2016.

Container weighing explained

Port Technology interviews Strainstall managing director, Simon Everett, on the issues of container weight verification.

Forth Road Bridge reopening

Great interview featuring our BridgeWatch™ monitoring system with Mark Arndt, Amey's account director for the Forth Road Bridge, as the important infrastructure link reopens to non HGV traffic.

Load link test video

Watch as we proof load test one of our 12.5 tonnes load link.
Our load links have a 10 x safety factor!