Integrated marine monitoring system

Strainstall’s integrated marine monitoring system (IMMS) consolidates engineering information and a variety of key sub-systems into a single high-level monitoring and control solution.

Designed to provide operators with clear and accurate information for both fixed and floating offshore structures, Strainstall's integrated marine monitoring system (IMMS) plays an integral part in operational safety, allowing for the formulation of informed and effective platform management, inspection and maintenance plans.

Data is collected and reported from a number of key parameters, allowing remedial action to be made if safe limits are exceeded. The system can also communicate with ballast systems and load management computers, and includes provision for hull stress monitoring, and station departure warning systems.

IMMS benefits:

  • Reduces risk
  • Enhances safety and performance of offshore structures
  • Permits consolidation of purchasing and project management efforts
  • Enables a common multi-system approach to redundancy
  • Acts as a key aid during platform installation
  • Simplifies remedial action if the system reports safety parameters out-of-range
  • Provides key parameters in real-time, and archived for post-processing

IMMS is a modular system tailored to individual customer requirements, but can include:

  • Mooring tension
  • Riser tension, bending and vibration
  • Hull and structural stress monitoring
  • Ballast tank monitoring
  • Load management systems
  • Vessel draft and inclination
  • Motion reference units (6-DoF)
  • Met-ocean
  • Vessel position, including station departure
  • Cathodic protection warning system