Renewables mooring monitoring



Strainstall’s renewables mooring load monitoring systems enhance design in respect of strength and reliability and act as an aid during installation for mooring line set-up.

With several systems installed on a number of offshore floating renewable devices, Strainstall offers a number of mooring load monitoring systems tailored to meet the requirements of the specific application. They range from the supply of a single load cell, pin or shackle to a completely integrated monitoring and control system.

During operational deployment, ongoing mooring load monitoring mitigates against the risk of underestimating loads and stresses that can cause mooring line failure and potentially serious consequences.

Renewables mooring monitoring benefits:

  • Enables monitoring of wave/tidal trends to assist in device placement
  • Allows optimum positioning of device to maximise energy harvesting potential
  • Mitigates against mooring line failure
  • Provides important data that aids development/up-scaling

Renewables mooring monitoring system features:

  • Low cost, non-intrusive installation
  • Provides a real-time display of mooring loads
  • Uses proven Strainstall subsea load shackles and cells
  • Reliable low maintenance design
  • Can replicate and replace an existing mechanical part or be a designed engineered solution