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Tendon tension monitoring systems

Strainstall's tendon tension monitoring systems for tension leg platforms (TLPs) and other offshore structures provide real-time health information which enhances platform safety.

The tendon tension monitoring system (TTMS) is capable of monitoring over 200 measurement channels simultaneously to provide a broad selection of analytical capabilities and helps operators to take remedial action should tendon tension exceed safe limits.

Strainstall’s long-life load cells are installed on the tendon portches in the tendon top connector assembly to monitor tensions. This data is fed into display software for real-time review and retrospective analysis, and integrated into existing control systems as required.

Our load cells are extremely robust and are capable of providing long-term reliable data for the life of the structure – even when under water. All application software is menu driven, operator friendly and designed to interface directly with other onboard monitoring and control systems.

Benefits of tendon tension monitoring:

  • Acts as a key aid during platform installation
  • Provides operators with data on tendon health
  • Enhances platform safety
  • Enables operators to take remedial action should tendon tension exceed safe limits

Features of tendon tension monitoring:

  • Displays information regarding weight distribution and tendon tension
  • Robust system with a 20+ year design life
  • Alarm facility alerts operators when tendon tension approaches safe operational limits
  • User-friendly displays
  • Interfaces with other platform control systems
  • Can be fully installed and tested in dry dock
  • Can also incorporate riser tension monitoring