Intelligent Fender System™

Our Intelligent Fender System (IFS)™ significantly improves safety and offers reassurance to vessel and wind farm owners by providing accurate and recordable data during offshore operations.

IFS™ provides clarity and understanding of the live and cumulative impact forces exerted during transfer operations through vessel push-ons, helping to ensure the integrity of turbine structures. The system also supports the on-going challenge for cost-reduction in offshore wind by allowing optimisation of fuel consumption during transfers.

The system consists of a sophisticated bow frame with integrated load sensors. The innovative design ensures maximum sensitivity and high levels of accuracy. The load sensors measure the forces generated by a vessel on multiple axes as it impacts upon the wind turbine and can quantify bow fender friction levels as well as impact and push-on forces. Data is transmitted to the bridge in real time and can also be sent to shore for analysis if required.

Fully adaptable, IFS™ can be supplied to work independently or with existing vessel controls/displays. It can also be integrated with other systems such as Strainstall’s Offshore Wind Management System™

Benefits of the Intelligent Fender System™:

  • Facilitates the safe transfer of personnel
  • Reduces costs through the optimisation of fuel consumption
  • Ensures the integrity of turbine structures
  • Mitigates against damage to monopiles and transition pieces
  • Designed for simple installation and removal
  • Easily configurable and modified to suit bow
  • Can be used for safety, analytical or corroborative purposes

Features of the Intelligent Fender System™:

  • Measures the forces generated by the vessel as it docks against a wind turbine
  • Delivers accurate live data to vessel skipper during operations
  • Provides historic data that can be used to assist in legal matters
  • Develops understanding of the cumulative effect of multiple boat landings
  • Has the ability to interface with any fender arrangement
  • Can quantify and monitor fender performance and any fender mounting issues