Strainstall’s StressAlert™ hull stress monitoring system enables hull structural integrity to be continuously monitored and displayed.

With over 300 systems delivered worldwide, StressAlert™ is proven to enhance vessel safety and increase operational efficiency by providing real-time feedback on hull stress conditions. Advanced algorithms also enable predictions of hull status and fatigue to be determined and recording stresses allows hull life to be maximised.

The system provides instant access to a vessel’s hull stress status, whether derived from dynamic wave action or induced stresses from cargo operations. Course, speed and metocean information can also be integrated to increase safety, operational efficiency and fuel savings.

During cargo operations loading and discharging plans can be adapted to minimise the effects of structural stress on the hull. In addition, Strainstall has developed a temporary system to enable class societies and operators to obtain hull bending data without the need to install a fully-specified integrated system.

Benefits of StressAlert™ hull stress monitoring:

  • Enhances vessel safety
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • From-launch record of hull stress enables fatigue life to be determined
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Demonstrates risk management

Features of StressAlert™ hull stress monitoring:

  • Detects early signs of hull damage or degradation
  • Simple installation
  • Class approved
  • Temporary system available