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Strainstall's docking system, DockAlert™, protects vessel and jetty infrastructure by measuring distance and calculating vessel approach speed to ensure it remains within allowable limits for safe operations.


DockAlert™ allows pilots and vessel masters to monitor vessel approach and take corrective action to prevent any incidents should the vessel speed or approach angle move outside the allowable limits. Once the vessel is safely moored, the docking system will also monitor any drift-off of the vessel and provide warning to operators.

The docking system uses eye-safe laser units installed on either side of the jetty head to measure the distance of the bow and stern relative to the jetty, while also providing speed and angle of the vessel to the berth.

The data from these lasers is fed to a central control system, where it can be displayed in the jetty control room and relayed to either hand-held pagers/PDAs and/or to a large digit display mounted on the jetty providing the pilot and vessel master with critical information.

DockAlert™ docking system benefits:

  • Protects vessels and jetty infrastructure by facilitating a safe berth
  • Enables larger vessels to dock without undertaking expensive infrastructure modifications
  • Improves vessel 'turn around' times
  • Improves safety

DockAlert™ docking system features:

  • Real-time display of vessel approach speed and distance
  • Reliable, low maintenance design
  • Operation is unaffected by weather conditions
  • High accuracy, increasing during the critical approach phase
  • Simple above surface installation
  • Provides alarms in the event the vessel moves outside selectable parameters
  • Event logging to provide historical data