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Bridge monitoring

Strainstall is an industry leading expert in the structural monitoring of bridges through construction and operation.

We specialise in providing customised predictive technologies which enable asset owners to implement proactive maintenance strategies and optimise their asset management.

Strainstall offers a comprehensive range of bridge monitoring systems and services, providing information for load assessment, short term monitoring during construction and long term structural health monitoring.

Our highly skilled team of bridge engineers are trained to work in a variety of environments and possess all the relevant certifications.


BridgeWatch® brings together a highly sophisticated range of sensors, data acquisition equipment and Strainstall’s Smart Asset Management (SAM) software, to provide constant, and real-time data monitoring in an integrated manner.

Completely adaptable to your structural monitoring needs, BridgeWatch® has been deployed on some of the world’s largest and most strategically important bridge infrastructures. Completely adaptable to your structural monitoring needs, this innovative system delivers remote monitoring information and warnings of impending structural issues to enable operators to protect public safety, manage traffic and schedule timely visual inspections. 

Download the Bridge Monitoring Brochure (532KB).