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Bridge strike monitoring

The bridge strike monitoring system by Strainstall provides bridge owners with immediate and easily accessible information on the severity of a bridge strike.

Bridge strikes are a significant risk to railway and highway safety and information collected on the incident can be used to make informed decisions on line and road closures, train cautions and repairs. CCTV can also be incorporated as part of the system to provide a visual to detect if vehicles are trapped under the bridge.

Benefits of Strainstall’s bridge strike monitoring service:

  • Every bridge strike is logged
  • Immediate assessment of the severity of the strike
  • Avoid unnecessary closures and restrictions
  • Improved public safety

Why bridge strike monitoring matters:

Bridge strikes can cause significant costs, disruption, damage and delay to rail and road users. They cause a serious risk to the safety of the public and worryingly many bridge strikes go unreported or undetected with potentially serious consequences.

Incorporating monitoring systems ensures that every bridge strike is logged.