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Building crack monitoring

Strainstall has years of experience in investigating and installing crack monitoring systems to investigate crack behaviour in buildings.

Using a range of sensors and high speed data acquisition systems, our system allows remote monitoring of strain, movement and temperature. Regular readings are made to build up a history and trigger levels can be set to enable abnormal events to be fully recorded. All relevant data is presented to customers in a clear and concise format, enabling full risk assessments and appropriate actions to be taken.

Benefits of Strainstall’s building crack monitoring service:

  • Reduces the requirement for costly manual inspections
  • Improves maintenance management
  • Establishes operational limits
  • Improves safety

Why building crack monitoring matters:

Most buildings will crack at some point in their life. Monitoring changes in crack size is an important diagnostic tool for determining the cause and subsequent repair action required.

Cracks can often be the first sign of a serious defect and should be examined to reveal the direction of movement and impact of cyclical effects to avoid the problem escalating.