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Building movement monitoring

The building movement monitoring service from Strainstall uses a comprehensive selection of measurement methods and equipment to help evaluate the structural integrity of buildings.

Using intelligent data logging, our building movement monitoring system provides remote access to live data and incorporates alarming capabilities via email or SMS, to trigger if parameters are exceeded.

Benefits of Strainstall’s building movement monitoring service:

  • Protects assets' structural integrity and aids maintenance forecasts
  • Remote access to real-time data 
  • Alarming capabilities via SMS and email
  • Enhances site safety

Why building movement monitoring matters:

The complexity of many buildings can make the understanding of structural behaviour difficult to assess. Building works can cause ground movement which can lead to serious problems if the safety margins of structural strength or stability are compromised.

Employing a system that can monitor movement helps to diagnose potential issues at an early stage, and forecast what maintenance will be required in the longer term.