Floor slab load testing

Strainstall’s floor slab load testing service is a fast and cost effective way of determining the load capacity of a building’s suspended floor and its health and safety compliance.

Our load testing equipment can be deployed quickly and is non-destructive to the internal fixings of the building. Our highly accurate displacement sensors continuously monitor and record data to ensure that safe movement limits are not exceeded. Once the test is completed full graphical reports are available for download and analysis.

Benefits of Strainstall’s floor slab load testing service:

  • Highly accurate and cost effective method of floor slab load testing
  • Equipment can be erected quickly
  • Non-destructive testing technique
  • Graphical reporting available for analysis after testing

Why floor slab load testing matters:

Certain changes to buildings require floors to be checked for deflections in accordance with BS8110: Pt2.

Problems with floors can arise when a building undergoes a change of use or occupancy, and loads are increased from the original design specification. Failure of a floor may occur if an increase in load cannot be supported which can result in costly down time, expensive repairs and a compromise to public safety.