Bi-directional static load test

Strainstall’s bi-directional static load test (BDSLT) is a truly innovative and highly effective static load testing technique.

The speed and accuracy of the testing method has made BDSLT a valuable tool and the wealth of information produced is the reason so many engineers are now turning to this method.

Using a hydraulically driven, high capacity, sacrificial pressure cell, pre-installed into the test pile, it is the only test to provide separate measurements of a pile's end-bearing and skin friction. Since the end-bearing and upward shear resistance are measured independently, there is no guesswork on how much load was carried by each component.

Benefits of Strainstall’s bi-directional static load testing:

  • Provides separate end-bearing and skin friction measurements
  • Eliminates the need for overhead beams or reaction piles
  • Fast and highly accurate method
  • Cost-effective in comparison to traditional testing methods 


Watch Strainstall's latest video to learn more about our innovative pile testing method that is proven to deliver faster, safer and cost-effective results.

Why bi-directional static load testing matters:

Some of the most common problems encountered by contractors and engineers when undertaking pile testing are accuracy of load calculation, recording errors and the frequency of recording. Bi-directional static load testing is proven to be far more accurate and cost-effective than traditional load testing methods.