High strain dynamic pile testing

Strainstall’s high strain dynamic pile testing is a fast and non-destructive testing method performed to evaluate pile static capacity and its structural integrity.

High strain PDA testing has become a widely used technique in verifying the capacity of both driven and bored piles, as well as investigating other aspects of driven pile installation such as hammer efficiency and driving stresses. By using a Pile Driving Analyser (PDA) more piles can be tested at a lower cost.

Benefits of Strainstall’s high strain dynamic pile testing:

  • Instantaneous results on site
  • Fast and cost effective testing method
  • Direct measurements of hammer input energy and efficiency

SIMBAT dynamic pile testing

We also conduct high strain dynamic pile testing using the SIMBAT technique. SIMBAT is a dynamic pile test that allows the prediction of static load settlement behaviour of bored, cast-in-place and pre-cast driven piles. This technique is able to separate the upward and downward forces to calculate the dynamic soil reaction.

Core differences between SIMBAT and more traditional dynamic testing techniques are:

  • A high speed optical / digital theodolite is used to record real-time displacement
  • A series of high and low strain blows are used so reactions are determined without assuming soil damping factors
  • Displacement data from the theodolite is used to correct accelerometer data
  • Simulation model is based on accurate displacement rather than calculated celocity