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Wind turbine monitoring

Strainstall provides accurate and reliable structural monitoring solutions to enhance the safety and efficiency of your wind farm operations.

Strainstall has operated in the renewables market for many years, and as a result we are widely considered to be experts in the monitoring of wind energy foundation structures, including monopiles, jackets and their respective transition pieces.

Our expertise has been utilised on many renewable energy assets to provide real-time monitoring in order to measure and assess assets’ structural performance, to provide warning systems of unsafe conditions or for fatigue life estimation.


Using Strainstall’s highly sophisticated Smart Asset Management (SAM)™ software and a range of sensors and data acquisition equipment, TurbineWatch™ allows you to view, analyse and manage your wind energy structural monitoring data on PCs and mobile devices in real-time.

Completely adaptable to your monitoring needs, TurbineWatch™ delivers remote monitoring information and warnings of impending structural issues enabling operators to provide proactive maintenance in a safer and more efficient manner. TurbineWatch™ can be fully integrated into the life management of your asset.