Strainstall’s full jetty management system, BerthManager™, provides complete oversight of mooring operations, enhancing safety and operational efficiency and delivering commercial benefits to asset owners.

BerthManager™ stems from Strainstall's marine operational expertise and full understanding of the value of an intelligent monitoring system providing key information during critical phases of vessel approach and mooring management.

Incorporating our innovative DockAlert™ docking system, MoorAlert™ mooring load monitoring along with environmental and metocean monitoring packages, BerthManager™ combines the latest technology into an integrated jetty management system to provide a user-friendly interface for operators.

Advanced information and data logging capabilities give real-time analysis of load, drift-off and environmental conditions to ensure jetty safety, whatever the stresses and weather conditions. In addition BerthManager™ provides outputs in a number of formats and protocols to enable easy and seamless interfacing. This allows the jetty management system to integrate in facility management networks, ESD and ship to shore communication systems. 

Benefits of the BerthManager™ jetty management system:

  • Significantly increases safety
  • Improves docking and mooring efficiency 
  • Easily retrofitted
  • Can be specifically designed to suit your specific requirements
  • Enhances ship to shore communications

Features of the BerthManager™ jetty management system:

  • User friendly displays
  • Provides a mimic of the vessel and berth during vessel approach
  • Provides a mimic of the berth once moored to show mooring line tensions
  • Provides information on the environmental/oceanographic factors impacting on the vessel
  • Integrates into existing facility management networks
  • Controls remote release of quick release hooks
  • Incorporates an alarm facility and data recording
  • Historic and trend display facilities