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Pile testing

Piles are often tested at great expense and effort, as results are critical in verifying foundation design parameters and formulating remedial actions when needed.

As such, the data has to be recorded with a high degree of accuracy and integrity. Some of the most common problems encountered by contractors and engineers when undertaking pile testing are accuracy of load calculation (the performance viability of hydraulic jacks and systems means the load determination could be an issue), recording errors and the frequency of recording.

Strainstall supplies a range of pile testing services that solve these issues. These include static pile testing, cross-hole analysis (CHA), high and low strain dynamic pile testing and bi-directional static load testing (BDSLT).

Benefits of pile testing:

  • Increased quality assurance
  • Cost effective
  • Can test a greater number of piles
  • Operate to standards
  • Tests are carried out quickly

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