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Industrial and process

Strainstall’s load measurement and monitoring systems ensure long-term operational reliability for industry and process sectors.

Our custom-designed systems safeguard personnel and equipment under demanding conditions. Determining values such as chain tension, the laden nature of vessels and the centre-of-gravity of large and off-set loads they have wide-spread application.

Engineered with durable, ATEX and IECEx certified, hermetically sealed load cells our solutions are suitable for hazardous and stable environments. Highly flexible, they are capable of measuring varying weights from a few kilograms to hundreds of tonnes.


Power generation

Utilising the latest technology, Strainstall supports power plants to safely achieve high-level operational efficiency.

Designed for use in extremely demanding environments, our specialist monitoring systems accurately measure physical and performance parameters such as the effects of load, displacement, temperature, and pressure. The information we generate allows for industry-critical, preventative maintenance, helping to minimise down-time.

Responsible for the installation of strain gauges and thermocouples in all the UK’s remaining gas-cooled and water-pressurised reactor stations, Strainstall has a long-established and well-deserved reputation which it builds on with continual innovation.



With over 50 years’ asset monitoring experience in challenging offshore environments, Strainstall is a proven partner for the design and implementation of bespoke aquaculture solutions.

As the sector develops larger enclosures or locates further offshore, it has become increasingly important to monitor heightened mooring loads in energetic waters. Drawing on the team’s experience in protecting high-value assets for the oil & gas and renewables industry, Strainstall deliver hardware, software and instrumentation solutions to measure loads in real time. These are custom-made to enable the early identification of possible mooring line failures, protecting your valuable fish assets from the risk of costly incidents.