3 November 2016

Happy birthday Strainstall

This year, Strainstall celebrates 50 years at the forefront of developing innovative monitoring solutions for customers around the world.

From a small start in the 1960s, the company has grown to be the leader in product development in the monitoring industry and has secured its reputation for specialising in the development of bespoke and integrated solutions to suit specific customer requirements.

Today Strainstall is an internationally recognised brand with bases in Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore and a reputation for specialising in the design and manufacture of load cells, strain gauges and integrated monitoring systems which are proven to perform year after year in hostile and hazardous environments.

Strainstall’s engineers capture and analyse data on parameters such as displacement, inclination, temperature, vibration, water levels as well as strain to provide a real-time overview of events enabling them to realise optimum performance.

Another area of expertise is in the development of cutting-edge monitoring and control solutions for global offshore industries, and Strainstall is a leading manufacturer of bespoke load monitoring systems for offshore environments. 

Strainstall has been involved in some of the biggest and most significant engineering projects in the world. 

  • Every single nuclear power station in the UK has some sort of Strainstall gauge or product installed on it
  • There is Strainstall equipment in Eurotunnel
  • The team enjoyed a six-year monitoring contract on the tallest man-made structure ever built - the Burj Kalifa Tower in Dubai
  • There are Strainstall sensor systems on both the Forth Road Bridge and its successor, the new Queensferry Crossing
  • Strainstall has been involved with some small but interesting jobs like burning rubbish and weighing jam; designing a strain-gauge fork to allow quality control on tins of dog food and the load cells which measure the nitrogen poured into a can of Guinness to enable the 'widget' to give it a draft beer fizz

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