Strainstall exhibiting at OTD2017

Strainstall is exhibiting at Norway’s largest annual oil, gas and energy exhibition on 18 and 19 October, at the Stavanger forum, Norway. 

Created by and for the Norwegian Offshore Suppliers, OTD is the premier event in Norway for suppliers to the oil, gas and energy industry. Strainstall are proud to be presenting our capabilities at this year’s event.

Strainstall specialises in providing bespoke solutions, working with clients to develop products specific to their requirements. This can include stand-alone products right through to comprehensive, remote data acquisition systems. We have the capabilities to provide flexibility and accessibility and tailored solutions.

Strainstall have provided solutions for the natural gas (LNG) industry - read how we examine the load and stress monitoring equipment available for the LNG industry, as well as providing benefits and applications in both existing and future facilities.

We are also able to provide the ability to monitor the effects of load stress and fatigue on equipment and facilities such as floating storage vessels (FPSOs) and liquefied gas storage tanks helps to protect high-value assets.


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