Offshore Wind Management System®

Strainstall’s Offshore Wind Management System (OWMS)® enhances decision making, through full operational oversight, to maximise the productivity of offshore wind farms.

A sophisticated marine management system, developed in response to customer demand and engagement, OWMS® focuses on the industry-wide drive to reduce the cost of megawatt per hour for offshore wind.

Plan offshore activities

OWMS® tracks, monitors and reports on the performance of offshore assets and activities to deliver an all-encompassing overview of a wind farm’s status. With the integration of numerous systems, OWMS® provides users with valuable information to ensure that vessels, personnel and other assets are utilised efficiently and cost effectively.

Manage offshore wind farm operations

Specifically designed for use during construction and O&M, OWMS® raises the standard of how critical offshore wind farm operations are managed. The system ensures all key assets are monitored live to maintain full control and visibility at all times. The system also includes a sophisticated site specific weather feed to ensure maximum entry to site is possible, while reducing wasted fuel and transit time.

Report on offshore wind farm performance

Its reporting system enables users to quantify cumulative and on-going running costs through a complete auditable performance and expenditure trail. Reports detail key operational data, delivering increased efficiency and a clear and measurable reduction in operational costs.

Benefits of the Offshore Wind Management System®:

  • Fully customisable and scalable system depending on project requirements
  • Enables efficient offshore wind farm operations
  • Maximises productivity and operational efficiency
  • Quantifies vessel performance and fuel usage
  • Quantifiable cost savings
  • Complete operational visibility enabling users to effectively target assets and activities
  • Auditable performance and expenditure trail
  • Enhanced decision making enabled through intelligent reporting

Features of the Offshore Wind Management System®:

  • Complete marine management system through one web-based portal
  • Comprehensive tracking of offshore assets (personnel, vessels, high value tools)
  • Sophisticated weather and sea monitoring, predictions and reporting
  • Personnel tracking wrist band RFID technology
  • Personnel activities and certification expiration management
  • Intelligent Fender System™ monitoring turbine impact and push-on forces
  • Vessel Motion Monitoring System™
  • Multi-screen control room enabling full project management

For more information download our Offshore Wind Management System® brochure.