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Railway bridge flood monitoring

The Strainstall flood monitoring system has been designed for safeguarding rail bridges that frequently experience flash flooding.

Powered by renewable energy sources, the railway bridge flood monitoring system incorporates water level sensors, displacement sensors and a camera. The system measures rising water levels and predicts the time it will take for water to reach predefined danger levels. Information is processed in real-time with a simple traffic light indicator to depict danger levels.

Benefits of Strainstall’s railway bridge flood monitoring service:

  • Effective management of train movements
  • Improved public safety
  • System powered by renewable energy sources
  • Simple traffic light warning system

Why railway bridge flood monitoring matters:

The data gathered from monitoring flood events provides an early warning of potentially serious accidents or trains becoming stranded. Monitoring water levels on railway bridges helps to predict when bridge closure levels could be reached, enabling the effective management of train movements.