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Wheel Impact Load Detection

Protect your trackside assets with Strainstall's Wheel Impact Load Detection (WILD) system.

WILD has been specifically designed for applications where impact diagnosis is required at an individual wheel level.

Defective wheels are a major problem for rail infrastructure operators, causing serious damage to both rail vehicles and track and even accounting for derailments. The costs associated with replacing track and undertaking vehicle repairs can easily be avoided by installing a wheel impact load detection system.

With sensors mounted directly onto the rails, WILD records data each time a train passes and triggers an alarm when a wheel generates a force exceeding pre-defined thresholds. Allowing for further timely investigation, it detects a number of wheel defects including pitting, circumferential cracking, out of roundness and wheel flats.

Benefits of Strainstall's Wheel Impact Load Detection (WILD) system:

  • Provides warning of potential damage to track or rolling stock
  • Aids decision making on operational restrictions/remedial action
  • All data is quantitative
  • Can be extended to provide information of vertical and lateral forces