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Offshore renewables structural monitoring

Strainstall has unrivalled experience and expertise in the provision of structural health monitoring solutions for a wide range of offshore structures ensuring safe asset operation, minimal risk and cost-effective maintenance programmes.

Strainstall provides a full specialist support function that goes far beyond the remit of most other monitoring company capabilities.

Experts in supporting new build projects for both onshore and offshore works, we also conduct retrofit installations offshore. Meeting the evolving needs of the renewables industry remains one of our priorities and drives us to undertake challenging projects which we deliver using our industry capabilities and exceptional professional standards.

Download our offshore renewables structural monitoring brochure (972KB)

Reasons for offshore structural monitoring include:

  1. Design validation - Obtaining structural response data under a variety of weather and sea state conditions to verify design model assumptions
  2. Short-term monitoring / problem quantification - Assessing the extent of structural health issues on existing structures and monitoring any remedial solutions
  3. Long-term asset management - Continuous monitoring to help plan preventative maintenance strategies and to enable asset owners to make informed decisions
  4. Independent project certification - Ensuring regional project certification requirements to safeguard the quality and productivity of wind farm projects

Structural health monitoring software

Incorporating our Smart Asset Management (SAM)™ system, the customisable TurbineWatch™ user interface operates and manages all data generated using modular and scalable open framework architecture.

The software capabilities of the TurbineWatch™ system include real-time processed information, systematic storage and retrieval of data and manipulation of multi-platform analysis. Fully flexible, the system enables a wide mix of sensors to communicate with the server in order to integrate data from any source and respond to the server configuration, for a completely dynamic two way communication.